Cynthia Noble offers private art tours of museums and galleries in Chicago and around the world. Individual or group tours provide an exclusive view of the world of art, delivered with the highest level of personal service.

Tailored to your interests and requirements, Cynthia creates engaging single visits or series that allow you to explore the art that piques your curiosity on your schedule and at your own pace. And, with the logistics covered, from tickets and lines to wayfinding, you may spend more time enjoying the art.

Cynthia begins with your preferences and then draws upon extensive academic and professional museum experience to design your visit — from welcoming "highlights" tours to in-depth viewings. Interweaving art history, behind-the-scenes stories, interpretations, and collectors' and curators' visions, she guides you beyond facts and dates into the unlimited world of art and ideas.

Cynthia supports corporate clients and event planners with unique art experiences for VIP customers, business partners or employees and also guides custom tours for travelers and tourists, clubs, associations, individuals and families. Custom art presentations are also available at your location.

Special requests for accessible tours and simultaneous interpretation in other languages, including sign language, are welcome.

Cynthia invites you to discover the infinite possibilities for your bespoke art experience.