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Category: Kingdom Rules

8 Dec

The Light Is Green Until It’s Red


   Have you ever wanted to follow a dream so you asked God about it—and then waited? And waited. And waited. But the angel Gabriel didn’t light up the night with a message from on high, and when the next day came, there wasn’t any giant billboard along the road with your name in giant letters telling you what to do. So then you decided to do the Gideon thing and “lay a fleece” before the Lord saying something like, “Okay, God, if the sun rises tomorrow, I’ll know you’re saying ‘yes,’ and if it doesn’t, it’s a ‘no’.  Got it.”  And then the sun didn’t rise so you kept asking because that wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

18 Aug

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

   “FOMO”—fear of missing out—is really a thing. It’s a malady of the mind most generally characterized by a feverish inclination—perhaps even an obsession—to act upon a particular “opportunity” before it’s deemed the dreaded “TOO LATE!” Symptoms of FOMO often include anxiety and indecisiveness leading to irritability, insomnia, irrationality and, in extreme cases, a nasty rash.

Fear of missing out.


26 Jan

“More Than Conquerors”

“We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus who loves us” (Ro. 8:37).   A Conqueror takes authority over present circumstances; An Overcomer takes authority over past bondages.   A Conqueror fights to win victory over others; An Overcomer fights to win victory over himself.   A Conqueror battles with force; An Overcomer battles with faith.   A Conqueror defeats people; An Overcomer redeems people.   A Conqueror incites division; An Overcomer inspires unity.   A Conqueror imposes submission; An Overcomer institutes freedom.   A Conqueror condemns the guilty; An Overcomer forgives the sinner.   A Conqueror restrains violence; An Overcomer establishes peace.   A Conqueror legislates righteousness; An Overcomer teaches wisdom.   A Conqueror wounds, in warfare; An Overcomer heals, as warfare.   A Conqueror contests for territory; An Overcomer contends for hearts.   A Conqueror battles in the physical realm against flesh and blood; An Overcomer battles in the spiritual realm against principalities and...
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27 Nov

Four More Ways to Shipwreck Your Destiny

Last week we discussed the first six ways to shipwreck our destiny. As noted, a shipwreck usually occurs as a result of some tragic accident or unforeseen error, and it could also happen due to a lack of awareness about any of a dozen situations or circumstances. As a result, many shipwrecks throughout history might have been avoided.  Sadly, however, for lack of information or attention, ships are wrecked, lives are lost, and dreams destroyed. Unfortunately, the same can be said of many destinies.                                   "'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'" (Hosea 4:1).   The fact is, there are Biblical principles which will keep our destinies from...
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20 Nov

Six Easy Ways to Shipwreck Your Destiny.

   A "shipwreck" is always a tragedy. In the history of navigating the vast oceans, a shipwreck is something entirely unforeseen and unexpected by captains, sailors, and crewman alike. A shipwreck can be the result of a sudden storm, hidden rocks, error or even incompetence.     Often, there is no recovery from a shipwreck.    Sometimes we spend vast amounts of energy trying to rocket-launch our dreams and fulfill our destinies. We drive hard, burn the midnight oil (especially as writers), and follow the experts, trying to do everything they say. Now I’m not knocking the experts; they’re experts for a reason. But sometimes in spite of the sacrifice of time, the worry, and the fervent prayers, things just don’t happen like...
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