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29 Jan

Keys to Leadership


Must-know principles for being an effective leader in the Kingdom of  God.


The ‘Do’s and Don’t’s of Leadership The good or damage done depends on whether or not people in leadership abide by specific Biblical principles: operating under Kingdom authority, loyalty, unity, stewardship, servanthood, and forgiveness and trust.

Kingdom PrinciplesThe laws and requirements of a kingdom operate very differently than those in a democracy. Leaders need to know the differences and be able to explain kingdom requirements in order to impact the world for the Kingdom of God.

Motivational Gifts Leaders operate very differently based on their motivational gifts (Biblical personality types). Knowing the various perspectives through which others view circumstances, will help to determine which leaders should counsel whom and lessen conflict between leaders.

Parenting the FlockThere is a critical need for real spiritual fathers and mothers in the Church and leaders need to step in and fill those roles.


Cynthia Noble
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