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29 Jan

“Born for Glory” Destiny Seminars

“Born for Glory” Destiny Encounter—Biblical and practical principles for identifying and fulfilling your God-given purpose and destiny. Sessions include:


New Wine A look at God’s new moves in every generation and how to be a vessel of the “New Wine” revelation—expect the completely unexpected.

The Eight Culture Mountains” A look at the components which shape a culture and discover your mountain assignment to impact our culture for the Kingdom of God.

Our Book of Destiny” God appoints each person’s work and Kingdom assignment. These assignments are specific, tailor-made plans and purposes from the Lord.

Motivational Gifts” Based on Romans 12 (different from spiritual gifts listed in I Cor. 13.), motivational gifts shape our personalities and perspectives in and about life. Motivational Gift Test is available.

Our Royal Authority” Our identity and positioning in Christ is recognized in the church but generally not appropriated. Our identity does not shift depending on our behavior.

Money: A Kingdom Weapon” Having money is not wrong. The question is: Do we have money or does money have us?

The Shelf Years” What happens during “the Wait,” those years when it seems like nothing is happening?


Cynthia Noble
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