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Cynthia Noble

Director of the School of Ministry Development,

Northeast Kingdom Ministry Institute 

Bible Teacher, Conference Speaker and Author


Privileged to be a part of the Day of Joy at Believers Chapel in Cicero and share a message with 250 women on the power of gratitude and thanksgiving (Col. 2:7).        It was an amazing day! 



Prepare for Living and Ministering in the Kingdom of God

   Every nation has a “rule of law,” a government that sets forth a set of principles and laws which determine both the rights and responsibilities of every citizen. The Kingdom of Heaven is no different. The Word of God is clear regarding the principles by which the Kingdom operates and the expectations required of every person identifying as a citizen of it. And just the same way that a United States’ citizen cannot move to another country and expect to be permitted to follow the laws of the United States instead of the laws of the nation they’re residing in, neither can citizens of the Kingdom of God expect to be able to operate according the laws, rules, and requirements of any earthly government. Living in God’s Kingdom is different than living in a republic or a democracy or even any other world government—and that’s because things operate differently in the spiritual realm than the physical realm. Moreover, the Kingdom of Light operates differently than a kingdom of spiritual darkness. So the question is: how can we function correctly and effectively in the Kingdom of God if we don’t know how the Kingdom government operates?

   We can’t. That is, unless we commit to learning about and functioning according to Kingdom principles. Then we can truly call ourselves disciples of Christ and operate in our full identity as co-heirs with Him. 

   Join with us here as we explore the Kingdom of God and learn what’s expected of us, as citizens, to operate and live so that we truly have the influence and impact for the Kingdom that we hope to have. 

   It’s time to prepare to be the “salt of the earth.”


Prepare for Your Purpose, Assignments, and Destiny.

   Everyone has a purpose in life but not everyone knows what that purpose is. And in my experience, people are desperate to know. The problem is—how do you know? How is it possible to sort through all of the dreams and passions, the talents and abilities, the possibilities and opportunities, as well as all of the responsibilities that we have in order to determine which of those things we’re supposed to be doing? Or not supposed to be doing?

   The good news is that there are ways to determine purpose and assignments and, having discovered those, to fulfill destiny. Here’s a little hint: Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s not “supposed to be,” and just because something is easy, doesn’t mean it is. The greater question—whether difficult or easy—is this: is God in it? That’s a foundational principle for determining God’s assignment for us, and it’s one of the principles we’ll explore to help your to discover your God-given purpose and destiny.


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“Pearls of Wisdom” Quotes

Find inspiration and encouragement for purpose and destiny.

“Wisdom is more precious than silver, and her gain is better than fine gold.                               She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire compares with her…” (Ps. 19:10)






“God Questions”

Tackling the hard questions about  Christianity, both to equip the saints for evangelism and to open a discussion with those seeking answers for themselves.

“Is there really proof that God exists…?”





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