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Cynthia Noble

Author and Conference Speaker



   Welcome to my site where you’ll find inspiration and insight as we examine the principles of success so critical to the fulfillment of dreams and legacy. You’ll find Biblical teachings, practical advice, plus some no-cost commentary on life in general—even the occasional dose of quotable common sense—all designed to help you to achieve your purpose and destiny. You’ll also find details on conference topics and seminars as well as articles from the Success Guide and perhaps also an imaginary tale or two.

I hope you enjoy the tour. 



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Speaker Topics:

Click on the “Speaker Topics” page for lesson and PowerPoint summaries. For further information, speaker reviews, and contact info, visit: – Cynthia Noble




“Principles of Success” Guide

Click on the “Success Guide” page for the latest posts to find principles of success for discovering purpose and pursuing destiny in the Kingdom of God. 




“Pearls of Wisdom” Quotes

Find inspiration and encouragement for purpose and destiny.

“Wisdom is more precious than silver, and her gain is better than fine gold.                               She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire compares with her…” (Ps. 19:10)






“God Questions”

Tackling the hard questions about  Christianity, both to equip the saints for evangelism and to open a discussion with those seeking answers for themselves.

“Is there really proof that God exists…?”





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