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Category: About Me

26 Mar

“My Story”

"My Story"    Cynthia Noble (her friends call her “Cindi”) was born on an air base that no longer exists—Griffiss Air Base in Rome, New York—and after moving from there, lived in Germany, then Utah, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina (and Indiana if college counts), before ending up back in Central New York. After college, she worked in radio broadcasting for a bit before going into education. Cindi has a Master’s degree in English Education and for the past 20+ years, has taught English and social studies in grades 7-12, where she’s enjoyed engaging with students and teaching literature and writing, history and government. She says the most important things she’s learned during these years are not about the life and times of...
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20 Mar

Conference Reviews

“Born for Glory” Destiny Encounter        I had Cindi Noble come in and teach the “BORN FOR GLORY” Destiny Encounter Conference in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Her wisdom, material, and the way in which she taught was deep and detailed, yet easily grasped. Those who attended were able to discover what God put within them, who they are in Christ, and the good things the future holds. Many lives were deeply affected and redirected and that change will be permanent.    Rev. Zane Reavis, Pastor, Frontline Singles of the Triangle, Raleigh, North Carolina       "THEO-LOGIC—Evidence of God"       Cindi Noble's presentation of the Anthropic Principle (a.k.a. the "Fine Tuning Theory of the Universe") is a wonderful resource for those seeking scientific proof...
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