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26 Mar

“My Story”


Cynthia Noble is an ordained Bible teacher and Director of the School of Ministry at the Northeast Kingdom Ministry Institute where she writes curriculum and teaches courses on Biblical and Kingdom principles. She also enjoys teaching on evangelism, apologetics, and seminars on discovering and fulfilling our God-given purposes and destiny.

In the professional realm, Cindi has a Master’s degree in secondary education and for the past 24 years, has taught grades 7-12, where she’s enjoyed engaging with students and teaching literature and writing, history and government. She says the most important things she’s learned during these years are not about the life and times of Edgar Allen Poe or the fall of the Soviet Union—it’s been about the kids. And she’s still learning.

And a word about the writing: Cindi has an extreme passion for writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly ecstatic when a story comes together. She especially enjoys exploring women’s life experiences and issues, as well as penning the occasional thriller. Either genre may feature natural or man-made disasters. (Think weddings and/or earthquakes.)

In the miscellaneous category, she’s never met a beach she didn’t adore, and she’s fascinated with the universe: stars, planets, dark matter, and black holes. She also believes that tea cures everything.

But the most important thing Cindi believes is that our fulfillment lies, not in the amount of money we make, nor the successes we accrue, nor even the things we enjoy having or doing. Rather, our fulfillment lies in the hearts of people and our connections with those hearts—no matter how unexpected those connections might be.



Cynthia Noble
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