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Category: God Questions

5 Jan

Who Says God Wrote the Bible?




FAQ #1: How do we know that the Bible is truly the Word of God?


   That has to be the foundational question in all of Christianity. After all, if people don’t believe that the Bible truly is God’s word and divinely inspired, then it would follow that we can’t use Scripture as a foundation for proof of the reality of God or the lordship of Jesus Christ.

13 Oct

If God Claims to Love People, How Can There Be A Hell?



FAQ #2: If God loves people so much, why would he send them to hell?


   The question of hell—whether it exists or not—is often communicated more as a statement than a question. I’ve heard people declare (vehemently), “I don’t believe a loving God would send people to hell!!” The very idea that there could even be a place of eternal torment, a “hell,” is very offensive to many people. In fact, even some churches are now backing away from the concept of hell, saying that it’s simply “too upsetting” to people.