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Category: Amazing Tales

25 Mar

“If Not for Shelby”

     So Rick got perp-walked out today, hand-cuffs and all, apparently for dipping into the employee association account to the tune of a felony-level little sum which, if not for Shelby, we’d never have known about (although you’d think, after three years, we’d have known about it). And if not for Shelby, who’d have guessed that Ashley’s “29th” birthday was really more her twenty-fourth “29th” birthday? Not me. We’d also never have known that Sarah’s bruises weren’t really from a car accident, like she’d said. Turns out a seat belt imprint on your throat can mimic a pair of hands around your neck—which, according to Shelby, are the same size hands her ex has.      Thank goodness for...
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10 May

Just Having A Little Fun. Right…?

   Are people really trying to rip you off? Yes. Yes, they are. And you know what they say about a fool and his money, right?    Take Beth, for example. She thought she’d save some money by shopping at the big department store’s “May Day” sale where she bought a cute sweater for a cool 50% off! Killer deal, right? Maybe—except that she still paid $100 for that sweater. Now, to hear Beth tell it, she would never have paid that much for a sweater but this one was on sale and it just would have been wrong to pass up a half-off sale!    Now I know what you’re thinking: “But if it’s a brand name then…” Maybe. However, unless...
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