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29 Jan

Our God-Given Rights in the Constitution

“The Church and Politics”—What every Christian should know about our government and politics from an informational and objective viewpoint. 

The Meaning of ‘The United States Constitution’ and ‘The Bill of Rights’ A breakdown and explanation of the archaic language and meaning of the Constitution and our rights as listed these critical documents. 

What Does the Bible Say About…? An objective examination of various political and social topics from a Biblical perspective, including which platforms are advocated by major political parties—no names, no debate, just information. 

Kingdom Vs. Democracy The laws and requirements of a kingdom operate very differently from those in a democracy. The Kingdom of God is not a democracy and Jesus is not our president. Confusing the two has consequences in the life of a Christian.

The Christian’s Responsibility in Government Does a church’s involvement in politics work against the call to evangelize the world? Is there a way to reconcile the two without compromising either? Should a Christian ever not vote? How do we interact with those who won’t discuss facts and only want to argue ? What are the most effective ways to pray for our government?

Cynthia Noble
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