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28 Jan

Principles for Living in the Kingdom of God


KINGDOM OF GOD PRINCIPLES—These topics may be added to conference themes as workshops or used as teachings at other services or functions.


Religion vs. RelationshipThe difference between knowing about God and truly knowing God will make all the difference in every other aspect of our relationship with the Lord.

The Weapons of Our Warfare Several practices with which we battle in the spiritual realms.

The Parable of the Good SoilWhat is “good soil” and how do we get rid of “hard ground,” “rocks,” and “thorns” in our hearts to cultivate fruitfulness?

Sowing and Reaping This principle works for or against circumstances in the life of anyone—Christian or not. As spiritual laws go, this one is huge, and is a primary factor in the success or failure of any endeavor.

The Parable of the TalentsA close look at what this means for Christians in terms of accountability, destiny, and advancing the Kingdom of God.

 Additional Biblical Principles: Other teachings and lessons are available based on conference themes.

Cynthia Noble
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